Content Services

Content Services

Content Marketing

Your customer’s time is valuable and their attention spans are getting shorter. But they do value information when they need it. When people are looking for a product / service / brand such as yours, they’re looking for information. Are you and your company knowledgeable and trustworthy enough for them to invest their hard earned money in your services? Consistent content can help to assure them that this is true.

Content allows you to establish, share, and strengthen your brand. The central ethos of content marketing is the creation of exceptional content with consistency.

We are equipped to create custom content across topics, across demographics, across formats to drive your content marketing strategy. Be it a blog, a newsletter, a book, an e-book, social media posts, images, videos, slideshows, whitepapers, brochures, case studies, datasheets, or infographics, we have done it all.


Videos are a powerful and sticky format of content. Youtube gets the credit for bringing videos out in the mainstream. Videos are now making it into every interaction we’re making online. From the launch of live video feeds on Twitter with Meerkat, the continued popularity of video on Facebook and Instagram, and the accessibility of high definition video on every mobile device.

Videos are popular in the B2B world too. According to MarketingTech blog, more than 80% of senior executives watch more video than they did a year ago and three quarters of executives are watching work-related videos every week! And given the choice, 59% of executives would rather watch a video than read an article. So whether you’re a B2C or B2B company, video is becoming essential in your digital marketing strategy.

Having videos increases open rates, increases click-through rates, and reduces unsubscribe rates in email marketing. Videos have been found effective by marketers for brand awareness, lead generation and online engagement.

We are equipped to create and distribute video content of all types for all industries. Be it an instructional video, a product review, a curtain raiser for an event, a thought-leading clip, we are geared to produce the best quality videos.

Design Services

Creative designs play vital role in online mediums as it tell your brand’s story through appealing visuals. Book covers, brochures, flyers, banners, web pages, logos, graphic designs or just a humble visiting card – when designed well, these speak volumes for your brand. Businesses always benefits through visual mediums, like, crisp colors and expert creativity to attract customers, instantly. But getting the right kind of creative services is probably the most challenging task in this whole process.

Therefore, whether it is a small company or a big establishment, creative design services are crucial for every organization. Our professional design services will take care of all these specifics and let you concentrate on your core business.

Add a stylish and cohesive look to your marketing material with innovative and creative design solution from Cyber Media and get edge over your competitors!


As per the official definition of E-Books, it is an electronic book that is a book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on computers or other electronic devices. The concept of E-Books brought about a huge revolution in book publishing, marketing, and distribution. E-Books led to a spurt in self-publishing, it spawned a new category of devices called as E-Book Readers, and it led to the closure of many bookstores.

E-Books have become an important format in the arsenal of marketing assets. We are equipped to create E-Books in any of the prevailing software formats- PDF, Kindle, Nook, ePub, Reader, and others.