Top Tips to Make Your Ads Work on Mobile Devices

Top Tips to Make Your Ads Work on Mobile Devices

by Shipra Abraham


How well is your marketing strategy working in the mobile ads arena? When did you last analyze your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns specifically for mobile ads?

Now is the time to do that!

According to a 2015 report published by Media Rating Council (MRC), the ad industry’s overseer of research methodology, more people searched from mobile phones and tablets than from computers. This means that your PPC advertising campaign has to be better focused on mobile device usage.

For this, it is important that your campaigns are optimized well for mobile searches. Below are top tips by our experts on how to do that.

Mob-Image1Click-to-call – Add your phone number on the ad and let people call you on the go. This not only drives calls to your business, but increases your clickthrough rate by 4-5%. You can even count calls as conversions.




responsive-landing-page-design-portfolio-example-001PPC landing page optimization – The landing page is the web page that opens when the user clicks on your ad.  Since the functionality and sizes of computer and mobile devices differ, it is important to make the landing page responsive. It should open perfectly on all devices for best user experience. Confused how to do that?

  • Remove all the unnecessary images. Space is valuable.
  • Colors can do wonders when it comes to visuals. Use contrasting colors and simple fonts. A clean design is even more important on mobile devices.
  • Organize your content in short lists, and make sure important terms are bold.


loadingLoading speed of ad – The attention span of Internet users is extremely short. You would agree that even you do not stop for an ad to load on your mobile while you are browsing through   a website and rather get irritated at times. So, ensure that your ad is digitally light so that it loads   faster on mobile devices.



image-edit-for-blogUser experience on mobile – Never annoy your user by showing him all ads on the screen instead of what he is looking for. A study has shown that consumers care more about control than relevance in mobile ads. So use different ad formats to grab maximum users’ attention. Good user experience leads to effective campaigns and less blocking of ads.



CyberMedia’s team of PPC experts has done this research to provide you with best means to make your PPC campaign on mobiles effective.