The Pain of Invalid Clicks

The Pain of Invalid Clicks

by Shipra Abraham



If you own a website or manage one for your clients, and have activated Adsense for it, you would understand the pain of invalid clicks. Invalid click activity is the clicks or impressions that are fraudulent and/or accidental. They are considered not good for the health of your online asset and may lead to less visibility of your website and blocking of your Adsense account as well.

Invalid clicks include:

  • You clicking/creating impressions on your own live ads
  • Somebody repeatedly clicking or generating impressions on your live ads
  • Clicks encouraged by publishers by false means like deliberate use of such language that leads to clicks
  • Use of Automated clicking tools or traffic sources, robots, or other deceptive software

How to prevent this activity? Below are some tips:

  • Put in content, not just ads: Web pages full of ads and less content is a major put off for users. Deliver what your website promises of. Good content will attract genuine traffic automatically.
  • Write relevant content: Many publishers write language that is deliberate to get more clicks on ads. Don’t do that! Write content that is relevant & authentic. Users will click the ads even without you telling them.
  • Make social traffic last option: There have been cases when traffic generated from social media websites caused invalid traffic. Though we are not asking you not get your audience from social media, keep that to minimum. The best way is to optimize your site to get maximum views.
  • Use Google Analytics: Know your visitors by means of reports generated by Google Analytics. It’ll give you detailed information about the people who visit your site. Keep checking for any suspicious behavior.
  • Beware of not trustworthy partners: Do not partner with low-quality ad networks, search engines, or directory sites to increase traffic.
  • Check your Ad implementation: If you are using custom implementations, ensure that it has no programming errors; it conforms to policies; and users are able to interact with the ad as you expect.
  • Use authorized sites feature in Adsense: It ensures that the data of only your ads appearing on your sites is shown, filtering out any unwanted information.

There may be cases when Google wrongly accused you of invalid traffic. Don’t shy away from contacting them.

Have you also faced such problem? What did you do to solve it? Share with us here. Best answers will be published in our next newsletter.