5 upcoming changes in Google AdWords to increase your ROI

5 upcoming changes in Google AdWords to increase your ROI

by Shipra Abraham


Mobile-first is the way to go today. As a business owner or a marketer, you would agree that despite spending so much on digital marketing, you are not able to achieve maximum returns because of certain Google limitations; the biggest being its narrow mobile friendliness. However, it has now decided to make you happy. Read on to know more.

On May 24, 2016, Google organized its “Google Performance Summit” for its Google Adwords & Google Analytics customers. The company emphasized mobile-first and made multiple announcements related to how ads would look and function on a mobile device. Though the changes would take place next year, PPC marketers are all prepping themselves up for the new features. Google believes that these changes will help you get better ROI on your Adwords expenditure.

Below are the 5 major changes you should look through so as to earn big and better in the coming year:


Major Changes


Google Maps
  • More local search ads will appear on Google Maps.
  • The logo of your business and offers by you will now appear directly on the surface of the map, in addition to the map side banner.
  • This will appear on both desktop and mobile version of Google maps as well as the app.
  • Exclusive Promoted Pin for your business visible to users based on queries and other parameters.
  • Improved local ad inventory
  • Your business to reach a larger local customer base
  • Users to be shown your offers within the map itself
Text Ads on Search Engine Results Page
  • Text Ads headlines to be 2-storey.
  • Each storey can be 30-character long.
  • Ad description also extended to 80-character per line.
  • Display URLs will automatically pull the landing page domain, but advertisers will be able to customize it.
  • These changes to be applicable to mobile phones also.
  • Better visibility of ad on mobile phones
  • Promote your offers in 2 lines
  • Increase in CTR
In-store conversions
  • Measurement of in-store conversions (customers coming to your outlet through your Adwords ad) to be made better.
  • Google to look at phone location history of the person who clicked the ad to know if he went to the store as well.
  • This measurement to be available to more types of businesses.
  • You will now be able to track the performance of your ads even better
  • Such near-to-accurate measurement will lead to better ROI
Display Ads
  • Display Ads to be responsive for different devices.
  • Ads would adapt to the content of the website they run on.
  • Your Display Ads to look equally good on mobile devices
  • No more pain to create ads in different format for different devices
AdWords bidding process Mobile bids, desktop bids, and tablet bids can be set independently or dependent on each other. Invest better on your favorite traffic-builder – mobile, desktop or tablet.


We, at CyberMedia, are a team of Google Adwords and Analytics experts who have been keeping themselves updated with all such changes Google announces from time to time. Being Google Adwords Premier SMB Partner, we are among the first ones to get such updates as a result of which we are able to quickly apply the changed and better techniques for our clients’ businesses.