Generating Leads ONLINE | A Case Study

Generating Leads ONLINE | A Case Study

by Shipra Abraham

With the rising number of companies opting for online marketing, the competition has greatly changed its trajectory. The chase now starts at a time when the prospect clicks your online ad and reaches your website or landing page. In a few seconds, he decides whether to go ahead and inquire about the product or exit the page.

Ramya Associates (name changed), a real estate firm, was facing the challenge of more than 90% exits. People would come to their landing page and within a fraction of second, leave. Why? Because their landing page was not pleasing to the viewer’s eyes and did not have the required content. When the viewer would come to the page, he would not know what to do next or where to go. This was even when the company had really nice properties in their bay.

So what did they change?

We at CyberMedia took the challenge hands-on. We began with advising the client to make a list of main factors that influence a property purchase. They were Location, Budget, Space, Convenience & Surroundings. Then we highlighted all these factors on the landing page and also focused on other important things like brand name, image selection, call for action buttons, among others.

Within a few minutes of making that landing page live, Ramya Associates started getting inquiries and reached up to 800 inquiries a month. Isn’t that cool!

Below are the two landing pages. It was surely time for change!!!






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